Form 7004 Earns Extension Of Time For Business Income Tax Forms


Certain IRS forms covering the partnerships business income tax returns filing has the support of form 7004 online for the automatic extension of time which is 5 months from the due date of filing as determined by IRS. The normal due date for filing these business income tax forms falls on 15th April as due date which furthers up to September 15th in a calendar year by virtue of filing form 7004 provide the automatic extension of time for 5 months from the original due date April 15th.

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One such form 8804 covers income tax filing of partnerships tax returns, like the form 1065 which comes under Form 7004, the due date is April 13th and some partnerships who keeps and maintain the records and books of accounts outside USA and Puerto Rico are given consideration by IRS of the due date being pushed to June 16th in a calendar year which will be two months without even filing form 7004.The partnerships operating from outside USA and Puerto Rico can further extend the due date time by filing the automatic extension form 7004 to gain another 3 months which will end up as September 15th as due date which is similar to partnerships in USA filing form 7004 online for the automatic extension of time which is 5 months from April 15th in a calendar year.

Form 7004 also gets extension time of 5 months to estates of different entities and trusts covered under the form 1041 for filing their year end income tax returns. Here-in the due date is April 15th and with the help of filing Form 7004 the due date for filing extends by another 5 months. For Bankrupt estates, IRS allows automatic extension of time of 6 months for filing tax returns.

Now you can do e-filing form 7004 with the support of IRS certified service provider to ensure automatic extension of time as applicable to business and partnership tax forms.